Enjoy an old fashioned Christmas with your family

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An old fashioned Christmas – Do you ever feel like the Christmas holidays are getting away from us? Sometimes we get very busy trying to make every aspect of the holidays perfect, and yet miss the joy of the season. Shops have their “Christmas” music on auto-play as early as October, as well as the enticing decor that makes us feel like we have to buy everything as early as possible.

Stress levels tend to be exacerbated by pressure to find the perfect gift for every member of our extended families, and for some there are also travel arrangements to be made (which can add more to the financial problems). Is it possible to enjoy an old fashioned Christmas with your family without all the stress?

An old fashioned Christmas

Tips for enjoying an old fashioned Christmas

Whether one is celebrating Christmas for its primary purpose i.e birth of the Christ child , or a holiday time with family – it matters that you decide upfront what is most important at this time of the year. Are all those expensive gifts necessary? If so, have you budgeted for them? Here are some of the old fashioned ways in which you can enjoy your Christmas season as a family:


There’s nothing more old-fashioned (and enjoyable) than Christmas caroling. Gather a group of friends or join a community or church group. Dress warmly, brush up on your carol lyrics, and make it a special night. Plan to go out for cocoa and Christmas treats afterward. It may become a tradition your family looks forward to every year. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve a lot of singing together as a family. You can find singalong carols online and enjoy as a group.

Old fashioned Christmas Lights

One of the favorite things I love about the holiday season is appreciating the Christmas lights that adorn other people’s houses. Some resemble the Griswolds with crazy over-the-top scenes and enough lights to see their home from the moon. Others put out a beautiful display. Take your family for a night walk or drive around your community to enjoy the holiday lights. You can make a game of it to find the most beautiful display or the craziest display.

Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating is my all-time favorite thing to do during the holidays. Children love to decorate the holiday tree. Put on some holiday music. Let your children hang the ornaments. In fact, going out to cut down the holiday tree can be an event all by itself. You can get cocoa at the tree lot, take a sleigh ride and sing carols. Once home, children can hang the ornaments or make decorations for the home. It’s an old-fashioned Christmas fun approach!

Outdoor fun

Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there is no reason not to have some outdoor fun during the holidays. This could mean ice skating, making snowmen, playing dodge-ball with snow, or enjoying the sunshine with your family outdoors.

Christmas services

For a Christian family, I’d beg you not to skip the morning services at your local church. Sharing this precious time with other people who are not part of your immediate family is price-less. Remember that some people will spend this Christmas alone, and the hour or two that they spend in the Christmas services may serve them a lot of stress and depression at this time of the year.

An old fashioned Christmas may just be what you need to regain your sanity during the holidays. Keep it basic and ensure that this precious time is not a source of strife for your family.

It doesn’t have to be about the gifts and material things. It can be completely about the special holiday as well as the time with family and friends. This year, take steps to take Christmas back. Have fun and engage in old-fashioned holiday activities. Your family will remember this holiday for years to come. And who knows – maybe you’ll start a whole new tradition.

An old fashioned Christmas
Few hacks that will help you and your family to enjoy an old fashioned Christmas (that is also less stressful) #FamilyChristmas #Holidays #Xmas

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