Best Fall Pumpkin Recipes

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If you want to celebrate this season with some of the best Fall pumpkin recipes, do stick around for my favorites. Fall is a lovely season of the year, its harvest time and pumpkins are in season. I recall some nifty pumpkin dishes that we used to enjoy at my childhood home at this time of the year…..yum overload! (lol). It’s also good for one’s health to take advantage of foods that are in season. Normally, pumpkins may seem boring as a food item (just the second color that your plate needs to be nutritionally balanced). People tend to be quite creative with their pumpkins for the Fall. I hope you’ll find the ideas to be useful.

==============>If you are a Fall-a-holic, you will love it here.

Best Fall pumpkin recipes
Wild rice stuffed in pumpkin – one of the best fall pumpkin recipes!

Best Fall pumpkin recipes for dinner

I always start my meal planning with dinner, it does make my life easier. I’ve found some interesting pumpkin recipes that we can all enjoy f, and they are mostly easy to make:

1. Wild rice stuffed pumpkin

Wild rice stuffed pumpkin
Mini Wild Rice Stuffed Pumpkin

Wild rice stuffed pumpkin is a no-brainer, and can be made with butternut squash as well. I prefer to cut the pumpkin in half so that the heat can reach everything quicker, and for practical reasons. Prepare your fried rice with veggies on the side, and follow these instructions to prepare your pumpkin.

2. Pumpkin lentil curry

I love this vegan pumpkin lentil curry. It not complicated at all, and has all the flavors that are relevant for the Fall season. Get the recipe here.

  • The pumpkin coconut chicken curry is one of the best Fall pumpkin recipes. I love that you can convert it to a vegan recipes by switching one ingredient only! Find the recipe here.
  • The pumpkin quesadillas can be a snack, or finger food dinner. Kids love them to bits (yes, even the picky eaters.
  • I prefer a pumpkin shepherd pie over the potato based one – you will find this recipe to be easy to follow.

Fall pumpkin desserts

Pumpkin desserts are surprisingly yummy! Pumpkin is a delicate ingredient to a number of dessert recipes, so feel free to break with the norm and enjoy your desserts this Fall.

Fall pumpkin dessert ideas
Pumpkin cheesecake topped with some whipped cream on top
  1. I love cheesecake, and have come to appreciate its versatility. I’m looking forward to enjoying a pumpkin variety. This recipe is my favorite. The pureed pumpkin, and the pumpkin spice will be your sweet-spot ingredients for this one.
  2. Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting – these bars have the texture of bread, and cake at the same time. You will love them.
  3. If you enjoy the occasional Swiss roll, then you will find this pumpkin roll with be heavenly for you. the pureed pumpkin will give your roll a damp texture. “All thing mamma” makes the recipe easier to follow.

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