Easy and healthy sandwiches for kids

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Are you scratching your head, feeling stuck on ideas for healthy sandwiches for kids?

If you want to make a healthy sandwich for your kids, but not the traditional peanut butter and jelly or you want to get away from overly processed luncheon meats, these sandwich recipes are perfect.

They make lunch healthier and more interesting, while still sticking to the sandwich for lunch.

Healthy sandwiches for kids – ideas

I’ve toyed with a few healthy sandwiches for kids below. Incorporate the ideas into your kids’ lunches, tweak, and remove some food items to adjust to taste.

Ham (bacon), Cheese, and Fruit Melt

Healthy Sandwiches For Kids

One of the most popular healthy sandwiches for kids. The ham can be substituted with bacon.

These ham and cheese have a twist to them i.e the fruit. It’s not necessary to make them open sandwiches. You can minimize the fruit so that you press it between the slices to keep everything intact.

I used bacon because it is what’s available for now.

Just because your kids can’t heat up his lunch in the cafeteria, doesn’t mean you can’t include a sandwich melt. It won’t be completely warm, but if you heat it up before packing the lunch, then wrap it properly, it might still contain some heat.

Either way, a melt is still good when it is cold. This sandwich takes the plain ham and cheese concept and gets more interesting. You can use your kids’ favorite type of ham, then add some cheddar for more flavor. Place thinly-sliced fruit on the sandwich, such as strawberries and apples, which is perfect with a ham and cheese sandwich.

Vegetarian and vegan sandwiches

healthy sandwiches for kids

A variety of vegetarian/vegan healthy sandwich ideas that you make your kids

For kids who are vegetarian or vegan, or if you simply want to reduce the amount of meat they eat, there are some yummy options. One option is to take some whole grain bread and spread almond butter on the inside of the two bread pieces. Other healthy spreads like avocado and hummus can be used as well.

You can then add some dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and any other fruits, nuts or seeds they would like. The almond butter will make the fruit and nuts stick to the bread so it will be easy for them to pick up and eat as is.

Another good option for kids’ vegetarian sandwiches is to thinly slice tomatoes and avocados, spread them on your bread, sparingly sprinkle lemon juice to preserve the avos.

Healthy Sandwich Pockets

Healthy sandwich pockets for kids

Healthy sandwich pockets for kids – Fried chicken meat with vegetables in pita bread.

Another sandwich idea to make for your kids is one that is more similar to a Hot Pocket, but is homemade and doesn’t contain all those preservatives.

You can make a pocket sandwich with meat or chicken breast that has been cooked, some chopped vegetables, and seasoning or sauce to taste.

I prefer to use pita bread, as I find that tortilla wraps can be messy sometimes, even for an adult like myself. If you bought pita bread ready-made, simply fill them up with the cubes meat or chicken, as well as the veggies.

Tip: Make a layer of lettuce leaves first before adding the ingredients, this way moisture will not mess up the sandwich pocket for your kids.

Keep it in the fridge, and it will be a perfect sandwich pocket for your son or daughter’s lunch the next day.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Healthy sandwich ideas for school

Grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious and kids love them, but they aren’t the healthiest option.

It is easy though to turn a grilled cheese sandwich to a healthier option.  Typically, this sandwich will have cheese in abundance, and most likely nothing else to fill it.

This sandwich instead is made little less cheese and loaded with vegetables. You can play around with the vegetables.

Also, you have a lot of ways to these kinds of healthy sandwiches for kids.   Some can be made of ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, one with spinach or kale inside, or you can even add pears.

A basic Panini press is a definite must-have if your kids love grilled sandwiches.

Healthy sandwiches for kids (video)

The healthy sandwiches for kids will compliment the healthy snack ideas kids love very well. Read both posts side by side and you are likely to have an almost complete meal plan at your disposal.  I hope this post will make your family meal times easier.  Please feel free to pin or share.

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