Healthy Snack Ideas Kids Love And Eat

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Healthy snack ideas kids love – It’s all good and well when we pack or give healthy snacks to our kids, but it is pointless if they hate them. Let’s be honest mom or dad, fruit is not always exciting. I hate apples and eat them out of maturity (because I know their benefits).

A little one who cannot be bothered by that may not be so gracious :-). I’ve rounded up a few healthy snack ideas kids love. These will trigger more creativity from your side, as you figure out what your kids love.

Easy healthy snack ideas kids love

Some of the healthy snack ideas kids love are best suited for home consumption, while some can be packed with their school lunches.

Good ol’ popcorn

Popcorn is one of the easiest healthy snack ideas kids love!

I don’t know any kids who do not like popcorn. It has become the routine snack in my house because it replaces the store bought, potato chips in such a sneaky way. Popcorn has more protein and phosphorus than potato chips. The kids will be satiated and the cravings for sweet treats will be put at bay.

It is low in calories, sugar-free and fat-free! Popcorn is also a good source of dietary fiber. My favorite part is that making popcorn does not take up my time. It’s also mess-free, especially if you are using one of these nifty popcorn makers.

A microwave popcorn popper is just as good. You do not need to add oil, this way you keep the popcorn fat-free. You can also pack popcorn with your kid’s school lunch:

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Sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries

Everyone loves fries, and kids are no exception. My now 10-year-old daughter is a picky eater, but I can always count on fries just do get something in her tummy. Sweet potato fries are the healthier option. Just cut your sweet potatoes and oven-bake them. Drizzle them with some oil to make them tastier. This is still much better than deep frying them. This will make your sweet potato fries more realistic:


Healthy Ice Lollies

One of my favorite healthy snack ideas for kids is whipping up a healthy Popsicle variety. Blend together plain yogurt and a fruit of your choice, transfer to a Popsicle mold maker and freeze. It is that easy and will save your kids from unhealthy, sugar loaded, store-bought ice lollies. Unlike those, the healthy variety contains real food and none of the preservatives. Experiment with various ingredients and let the little ones enjoy!

Berry Egg Muffins

Some kids may not like the eggy flavor, but the creators of this recipe promise that the egg taste is almost absent. It’s been attested to as one of the healthy snack ideas kids love. If yours feel the same, make them in large numbers and always have some at hand.

Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites


healthy snack ideas kids
Source: What The Fork

This mom made the energy bites for herself, but it turned out to be a hit with her kid as well. The recipe is loaded with superfoods like oats, chia seeds, honey etc.

Broccoli Cheese Bites

Source: Fast Forward Fun

Do you know any kids who love broccoli? 🙂 Introduce cheese into the equation and you have a super healthy snack. These are easy to make and only take 4 ingredients to put together.

Well, I hope these healthy snack ideas kids love have triggered more ideas from your side. Do share, pin, tweet for friends and family who may benefit from my list.

healthy snack ideas kids

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